TruKid Hero Stick- 3pk, Happy Face & Body Lotion, Helping Hand Wash

This set includes our Newest product, our Hero stick which is a Mom's Kiss in a Stick! TruKids Hero Stick is a natural soothing balm that protects and soothes skin irritations. Perfect for backpacks and purses, moms kiss in a stick will make boo-boos, bug bites, eczema and rashes feel better. Made with Balm of Gilead, Calendula and Plantain Leaf to protect while skin heals

Also included is our Trukid Happy Face & Body lotion.This moisture-rich lotion uses plants such as cupuacu butter and shea butter, which work to relieve dry skin. This lotion is lightly scented with TruKid natural essential oil blend. Our Helping Hand wash is just for your little helpers. A nice way to help your kids get into the hand washing routine. Using actual hand wash (not hand sanitizer) better removes more bacteria and germs from hands. All Trukid products are free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, BPAs, artificial colors & fragrances.


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