WaterField Designs iPad Slip Case

Just slip your new iPad mini, iPad 4 or iPad 3 into the thin, protective WaterField Designs Slip Case. Light internal padding with impact-resistant plastic keeps your toy safe and sound. The water-proof outer material helps add protection against spills and other accidental mishaps. Slide your iPad in and use the handy tab at the bottom to help you ease it back out when you need it. A choice of six vibrant colors makes your case easy to find amidst the detritus of your bag contents. Sleek, simple, protection. WaterField Designs has got you covered.

All WaterField Designs cases and bags are made to exacting standards entirely in San Francisco California.
Proudly Made in USA.


1 WaterField Designs iPad Slip Case
WaterField Designs
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1/18/2013 - 2/15/2013

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