Win 1 of 5 CDs: Fern’s Music For Kids "Fern, The Stars and the Planets"

Fern Michonski of Fern’s Music is a Preschool Music Education Expert: The Children’s Advocate for Love and Kindness, Inspiring Creativity and Joy.
Fern is on a mission to teach children to love one another through her music.

“Fern, the Stars and the Planets” by Fern C. Michonski celebrates cultural diversity on an intergalactic scale. Fern delivers musical messages about living in harmony and peace with our fellow inhabitants, understanding the world around us and racial tolerance. This CD features 10 original songs that educate and stimulate the imagination, such as “The Galactic Hop Bop”, “The Carousel in the Sky”, “Handyman from Outer Space” and “The Planets”.

The goal of this CD is to stimulate and expand a child’s natural fascination with outer-space and to teach them that no matter what we look like, no matter what color our skin is, or where we’re from, we should be willing to greet one another without fear or violence, to learn from one another and to love one another—cultural diversity on a cosmic scale!

1 CD
Cyber PR
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11/7/2012 - 11/30/2012

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