Win 1 of 5 Copies of "Fearless At Work" by Michael Carroll

Work is such a crucial part of our life, and yet we often struggle with -- and feel powerless around -- the numerous challenges it presents. Whether it's job insecurity, making peace with or leaving an unfulfilling job, or dealing with office conflicts, we often experience fear and a sense of groundlessness just at a time when we want to be our most creative and resilient. Drawing on Buddhist philosophy, Michael Carroll, a longtime human-resources executive, meditation teacher, and executive coach, explains how the practice of mindfulness -- full awareness of our moment-to-moment experience -- can help us become more confident and open to possibility in our work life. With examples drawn from his life and his work with others, Carroll offers potent, inspiring slogans to help us work with our insecurities and awaken our natural bravery, resourcefulness, and resilience.

Topics include: appreciating the moment, staying grounded in the midst of chaos, reacting to the unexpected with humor and equanimity, allowing for spontaneity, taking risks, staying true to yourself, and many more.

Full of engaging stories, Fearless at Work will help people discover their innate intelligence, bravery, and joy on the job.


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11/1/2012 - 11/30/2012

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