Win the Amplicom USA PowerTel 500 Amplified Telephone

In honor of May's"Better Hearing and Speech Month," Amplicom USA (www.amplicomusa.com) is giving away their best-selling PowerTel 500 Amplified Phone! Most of us take for granted the ability to connect with family and friends or transact business over the telephone. But for the 36 million Americans who have mild to severe hearing loss, using the phone is fraught with stress, often avoided, or completely abandoned. Now, Amplicom USA puts the hard of hearing and aging population back in touch with the touch of a few buttons. Amplicom’s PowerTel 500™ amplified phone sets the industry standard for interference and distortion free communication, superior technology and ease of use.

The PowerTel 500 has met and exceeded the TIA-1083 standard for hearing aid compatibility developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association, receiving a “superior” classification. Based on the most advanced technology, this phones is known for its excellent induction level and is fully compatible with both hearing aids and cochlear implants. In fact, hearing aids do not have to be removed to use the telephone, and users can be assured of the highest quality sound, even when the volume is turned up to its maximum. The versatile PowerTel features yourSOUND™, which allows settings to be adjusted and set for multiple hearing profiles. This means that each member of the household can switch to his or her own preferred volume and frequency at the touch of a button.


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5/7/2012 - 5/31/2012

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