Win A HuMn Wallet

Evolving the design of the wallet, HuMn delivers a more modern, slim RFID secure wallet that makes it easy to carry everything you need, anywhere you need to go. For a limited time only, we are giving two lucky winners a chance to receive a Aluminum Model Wallet, a $76 value. The wallet features two aluminum plates laser-engraved with the HuMn logo and a shock strap. See more details at humnwallet.com.

HuMn Wallets will keep everything you need in your pocket. HuMn reinvents the traditional wallet by creating an entirely fresh design that adapts to the needs of the modern world. No more need for those bloated shaped wallets that are unable to hold any of your IDs safely. HuMn Wallets allow for a lightweight, minimal design that presents easy access to your personal cash and ID cards.

1 HuMn wallet, $76 value
# of Winners: 
Start/End Dates: 
2/14/2014 - 3/16/2014

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