Win tickets to see "The Anthem" at Culture Project's Lynn Redgrave Theater

THE ANTHEM is a rollicking sci-fi musical about a revolt of the young against an evil state lovingly inspired by the classic novella “Anthem.” Hunger Games meets Ayn Rand in a world where individuality is illegal. Prometheus abandons everything to confront the State -- controlled by the overlord of evil efficiency, Tiberius. With a forbidden copy of Ayn Rand's ancient tome in hand, can Prometheus overthrow the system? The show is directed, choreographed and designed by Rachel Klein. Featuring Jason Gotay, Remy Zaken with Jenna Leigh Green and Randy Jones of the Village People as the evil overlord, Tiberius! "A Great Stroke of Rebellion" raves Entertainment Weekly. Now playing at Culture Project's Lynn Redgrave Theater at 45 Bleecker Street. Visit TheAnthemMusical.com for more info.

1 pair of tickets
Red Rising NYC
# of Winners: 
Start/End Dates: 
6/8/2014 - 6/16/2014

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