"A Wing and a Prayer" by Ernest Oglesby

In the year 40 AD, angels Gabriel and Lucifer are sentenced to a long, lonely life on earth. Captured by Celtic Druids, their wings slashed from their backs, the angels can no longer survive among their kind. They must do their best to live out their existence hiding among the humans.

By the time of World War II, Gabriel is living in America. The Catholic Church has, for many years, kept up a persistent and prolonged effort to find him, needing the secrets of eternal life held within his blood. Gabriel has lost touch with Lucifer, but tracks him to Rome and seeks the assistance of Laura Donovan from the American Embassy to locate the missing Lucifer.

Donovan has managed to follow Lucifer's movements upon entering Rome almost three months ago. Gabriel fears Lucifer may have fallen into the hands of the Catholic Church, one of many organizations that want the secret of the special life-giving blood that runs through their veins.

Gabriel has played this deadly game before. He's prepared; he has an ace up his sleeve. What he doesn't know, though, is that the Church has two.

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