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YUCA. The name evokes power, grace, and an exotic flair. It’s the optimum handle for the Langley, Canada-based trio that specializes in gorgeously anthemic and atmospheric pop-rock. Five years, a tireless work ethic that’s seen them do over 375 shows nationally and internationally, and countless awards and accolades, have prepped the three piece for a new, prosperous era. YUCA welcomes this time with a masterwork of an album, Rebuilding The Fallen Empire (Rising Empire Records).

“The title has a double meaning,” says Matt Borck, YUCA’s primary songwriter, singer-guitarist. “It means reviving rock n’ roll, but it’s also personal. We’ve been in the trenches and working our butts off for the band, so it also symbolizes making our dreams a reality.”

YUCA’s majestic rock n’ roll evokes the uplifting and otherworldly textures of Muse, Coldplay, and U2, but injects a propulsive drive that’s purely rock n’ roll. YUCA is Matt Borck lead Vocals and guitar, Andy Boldt bass and backing vocals, and Dave Atkinson Drums. The band began in earnest 5 years ago when, as Borck says, he: “found the right combination of dreamers.”

Along the way, career highlights have been being singled out over hundreds of bands for distinguished awards by leading Canadian stations 99.3FM and 100.5FM; performing multiple times for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics; and having a song picked for Playstation3, Xbox360 Vancouver Olympics 2010 Video Game.

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12/13/2013 - 1/12/2014

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