‘America’s Got Talent’ crowns a winner

By Jessica Claflin,
Michael Grimm wins!

NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ crowns Michael Grimm as the winner on Wednesday, September 15. according to USA Today. Jackie Evancho, little girl opera singer, was the favorite to win the show but she got second place.

The four 'America’s Got Talent' finalists were Prince Poppycock, Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, and Michael Grimm. If the winner was up to Piers Morgan’s vote, Jackie Evancho would win it hands down. But it’s not up to the judges, it was up to America to vote. for their winner.

Viewers saw surprising final results on 'America’s Got Talent'. Prince Poppycock, male Lady Gaga and opera singer, got fourth place. According to USA Today, gasps were heard when he was announced in fourth. Then the non singing act ,Fighting Gravity, landed in third. Signer Michael Grimm was the winner while little Jackie Evancho ends in second.

‘America’s Got Talent’ clearly could end in five minutes but they filled the two hour block with each of the finalists performing with their idol, Usher performance, and a few others acts performed.



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