Chuck Norris front-runner for Slovakian bridge name

By Jenna Katharine Nelson,
You don't walk over Chuck Norris... Wait, maybe you can.

Take a walk or ride a bike across Chuck Norris? Slovaks think yes.

The people of Slovakia have been voting online for the name of a new foot bridge near the capital, and Chuck Norris is kicking his competition to the curb. The other two options would be Maria Theresa after an Austro-Hungarian empress and Devinska in honor of the closest village. The bridge is being built to span the Morava river from just north of the capital city Bratislava and cross the border to Austria into the village of Schlosshof.

While a regional assembly will have the final say, regional governor Pavol Freso says the lawmakers will take the public's votes into serious consideration.

"The same way as we have so far been building it in full sight of the public, we will seek that the name is accepted by the public as well," Freso told Reuters.

As of Thursday, the action hero had 1,157 votes with runner up - and more sensible choice - "Maria Theresa Bridge" far behind with 8 percent. Voting continues until April.

Gaining fame for tough-guy characters in classic action films like Lone Wolf McQuade, Missing in Action and The Delta Force, Norris is extremely popular in Slovakia. He has become a type of kitchy fun, with many local jokes using the star as a mainstay for macho behavior and invincibility.

If Chuck Norris were selected as the bridge's moniker, he wouldn't go to the bridge opening. We're pretty sure the bridge opening would go to Chuck Norris.



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