'The Colbert Report' Recap for 2/20/2012

By John-Paul Helk,
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Indecision 2012 - Rick Santorum's Energy War Alarm
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Steven Colbert began Monday's broadcast by addressing the absence of his show in the finals days of last week. He addressed rumors found on the internet and other sources, including Joan Rivers joking about him having plastic surgery. He finally alluded to the true reason he was absent – he was visiting his mother, whose health seems to be improving as he referred to her as “tough as nails.”

Colbert then talked about the Michigan Republican Primary campaign, in which Romney seems to be trailing Rick Santorum despite Michigan being Romney's home state, and being shaped like a mitt. Romney is suffering in the polls possibly due to his opposition to the auto-company bailouts that have been helping Michigan prosper. But Romney has an ace in the hole – Donald Trump. Trump has been speaking in favor of Romney. Romney lost three of the last handful of primaries to Santorum, and needs Michigan to give his campaign some life. Romney tried to garner support with a speech in which he said he loved Michigan, noting his love of cars, his appreciation for lakes, and the seemingly appropriate “tree-height” in the state.

Colbert proceeded to talk about Rick Santorum. He leads Romney in the national polls 10%. Santorum spoke out against Obama's attempts to revolutionize energy and radical environmentalists. He accused Obama of having a phony agenda. He also said that America is fighting a spiritual war, saying Satan is only attacking America. Colbert reported Santorum will declare war on Hell if elected.

Colbert's guest was Ann Patchet, who is working to save independent book stores. She is the co-owner of a bookstore in Nashville Tennessee. Colbert compared her to Meg Ryan in the movie You've Got Mail. They discussed the advantages of a small local bookstore as opposed to shopping online, including the ability to discuss books with intelligent people. He gave her the “Colbert Bump” and she offered to have him come to Nashville when his book comes out and have a book signing.



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