'The Colbert Report' Recap for 2/23/2012

By John-Paul Helk,
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Steven Colbert began Thursday's episode by wishing Estonia a happy birthday, then talking about the previous night's GOP debate, in which Mitt Romney won over Rick Santorum. Santorum had been accusing Romney of being a contributor to Obama-care, then Romney switched it around to blame Santorum. Romney also hit home when he...answered...a question about misconceptions regarding him and his campaign with a spiel about what needs to change in Washington D.C., then telling the moderator of the debate he could answer questions however he chooses. Colbert then addressed Eli Wiesel's call for Mormons to stop proxy baptisms of Jewish individuals after they are dead without their consent. They have baptized Anne Frank, and plan to baptize Weisel after his death. Colbert related the font in which the proxied baptisms take place to the hot tub time machine from the movie that came out within the last couple years. Colbert made everything right by converting all dead Mormons to Judaism. He did so in the classiest way possible – circumcising a hot dog.

Colbert then discussed Wheat Thins, a sponsor of the show. Wheat Thins contacted Colbert telling him the role of Wheat Thins in our lives. Wheat Thins are apparently the perfect snacking sidekick. The memo also stated Colbert could not show over-consumption of Wheat Thins, meaning no more than 16 at a time can be shown. When he tried to eat 17, he had to issue an apology.

Colbert's guest was Placido Domingo, a world famous opera singer. They talked about onstage deaths and other aspects of Domingo's performances. He then sang with Domingo to cap off the show.



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