Fullbar Weight-Loss Gum and Weight-Loss Gummies

Fullbar, one of the fastest-growing brands of weight-loss products on the market today and designed by Dr. Michael Snyder, has introduced two great products this month to its line of delicious bars.

First up is the Weight-Loss Gum. The gum’s main ingredient is Slendesta, the same ingredient found in Fullbars. This ingredient has been clinically-proven to make you feel full, and helping you lose weight. The gum works by using your internal “wiring” to simulate a neural and hormonal feedback loop which fills you up to help keep you eat less. Slendesta, a fully natural ingredient, will be delivered straight to your bloodstream when you chew the berry-flavored gum. It promotes the release of cholecystokinin, a peptide that will make you feel fuller, longer. You can keep eating all of your favorite foods on the Fullbar plan, but you will just be eating less.

The second new product is the Weight-Loss Gummies These fruit-flavored, delicious gummies feature the same Slendesta ingredient as Fullbars and the Weight-Loss Gum. It provides a unique way to provide your body with the ingredient which helps you feel full to help you lose weight.

The Gum retails for $19.99 and includes 25 pieces per box. The Gummies retail for $29.99 and include 120 gummies. Both can be purchased at the Fullbar website.



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