Kimora Lee Simmons says she is on the 'fabulosity diet'

By Marissa Willstein,
Simmons reveals how she lost her baby weight.

Kimora Lee Simmons disclosed the details behind her slender figure at QVC’s “Buzz on the Red Carpet” event on Thursday.

While speaking with Us Weekly at the cocktail party, the fashion mogul revealed that she simply began eating well and staying active to drop her baby weight. No gimmicks behind this mother of three’s weight loss!

Kimora Lee at QVC's "Buzz on the Red Carpet" Cocktail Party. (Beverly Hills, CA)

“I’m on the fabulosity diet, so I’m kind of perfecting it now. It’s a little workout, a good diet,” Simmons explained. “I try to cut out a little bit of the sweets and the junk, but I love that, so it’s a little hard.”

The “fabulosity diet” is a challenging task when you have a sweet tooth and junk food cravings like Simmons. She has been struggling to limit her favorite foods such as “chocolate, candy, chips and pizza.”

Her desire to raise her children in a healthy household helps the 36-year-old stay on track.

“My family is very healthy. We try to be very healthy with complex carbs, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables,” the former model said. “We try to eat organic, not a lot of dairy, so they’re into the rice milk and the almond milk and a lot of legumes. They’re really healthy kids.”

“I’m a mom first and I’m a business woman [second],” she continued. “I want girls to understand the difference between this and fantasy…It took me an hour to get ready, and I want girls to know, ‘Take it easy! You’re beautiful.’ Size 2 is really unreal.”

After giving birth to her son, Kenzo, in 2009, Simmons did not lose the weight instantly like most celebrity mothers. In 2011, she began looking slimmer and was instantaneously attacked by critics.

Simmons did what every confident woman would do. She fought back.

Simmons, or one of her reps, wrote to New York Magazine in an effort to stop rumors.

“I’m a bit smaller, but still curvy and 100% healthy and proud of my body and the time it has taken me to undergo this personal journey for myself,” the e-mail read.

“[First] I was attacked for being a size 10, now I’m anorexic? I’m a real woman and I represent real women. I believe that people are beautiful at any size, color or weight,” the letter continued.

Good for her!



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