'Pan Am' Recap: Episode 114, '1964'

By Marissa Willstein,

Last night’s episode of Pan Am was jam packed with unexpected twists and turns. As the gang prepares to ring in the New Year, many surprises come their way that opens up life-changing opportunities for each character. The year 1963 sure ends with a bang and leaves the audience with many unanswered questions.

The Pan Am crew is on a flight back to New York with the only passengers being Prince Omar and his staff. Colette is still very smitten with the royal as he continues to play Prince Charming.

Their relationship reaches new heights when Prince Omar asks Colette if he could formally court her. Colette is left with a huge decision because the formal courtship would involve moving into a wing in his palace for six months. Although she would receive an unlimited clothing allowance and her very own staff, this would mean taking a leave of absence from her job at Pan Am.

While Colette is mulling over the idea of leaving New York to be with Omar, Dean continues to pine over her. Unfortunately for the captain, she is still angry with him for spending the night with his ex-fiancé Bridget. He is going crazy over her blossoming romance with the Prince.

In addition to his romantic troubles, he is also faced with problems at work. Although it has been months since the incident in Haiti, Dean receives a letter from Pan Am requesting his presence at a hearing. It turns out that the angry passenger from the flight in question threatened to sue the airline.

The lawsuit could be settled if Pan Am terminates Dean. While he is pleading his case, Captain George Broyles unexpectedly storms into the room. He testifies to help save Dean’s career and drops off a letter written by the founder and owner of Pan Am, Juan Trippe.

Trippe’s letter states that Dean will not be fired and is allowed to keep his position as captain. Dean has Maggie to thank for this fortunate outcome. She donated a large sum of money on his behalf.

So where did Maggie, a Pan Am stewardess, find enough money to save Dean’s job? Her knew partnership with Captain Broyles results in a large cash reward during the episode. However, this monetary prize does not come easily.

Their smuggling business was going very smoothly until her most recent operation. In the beginning of the episode, Maggie agrees to Broyles request for her to smuggle antique jewelry into the United States. In return, Maggie insists that she attend the meeting with the buyers.

When Broyles and Maggie meet for the trade, she translates the buyers’ conversation only to realize that the two men are planning to steal the jewels. The captain and stewardess escape the room just before two gunmen storm in. Maggie refuses to hand over the antiques to Broyles and returns to make the exchange herself.

When Broyles comes over to her apartment, he finds Maggie in bed with all of the cash. The two then begin fooling around in the money-covered bed.

Meanwhile, Richard arrives at Kate’s apartment and reveals that he has been shot. He tells her that he was on his way to deliver a microfilm to the CIA headquarters when a double agent shot him. Richard explains that the double agent sold him out to the Russians who want possession of this microfilm.

He asks Kate to take the microfilm to the CIA. Richard tells her that none of the agents should know about his absence so if one of them asks about him, they are the double agent. Sure enough, Kate is approached while on her way to make the delivery.

Kate’s connection at MI-6, Anderson, asks if she has heard from Richard because he is missing. He tries to convince Kate that Richard is the double agent but she immediately assumes Anderson is the culprit. Her suspicion then switches over to Richard when she returns home to find him gone along with the microfilm.

He then shows up shortly after with the microfilm in hand. Richard admits that he followed Kate to make sure that she can be trusted. After witnessing her encounter, he confirms that Anderson is the double agent.

Kate arranges a meeting with Anderson in the train station to tell him she has possession of the microfilm. It appears that she is betraying Richard but she is really setting Anderson up. Once Kate tells him she wants to deliver the microfilm to the CIA together, he holds his gun to her stomach.

Luckily she came with reinforcement. Undercover agents arrested Anderson and Kate took back the microfilm. While visiting Richard in the hospital, he offers her a position as an official agent.

Throughout the episode, Ted is dealing with some drama of his own. His wedding to Amanda is fast approaching and everyone except for him is absolutely thrilled. Amanda’s proposal of having an open marriage is not sitting well with Ted.

Just like Amanda and both of their families, he too believed they were the perfect couple but he is now having second thoughts. In an effort to save their relationship, Amanda confronts Laura and asks her to be Ted’s mistress. Laura is stunned and shuts down her offer.

Ted also decides that he does not want to participate in an open marriage. He calls off the engagement so he can pursue a relationship with his true love, Laura. When Ted finally confesses his feelings for her, Laura responds with a passionate kiss.

Once things are looking up for Ted, Amanda shows up at his place and reveals that she is pregnant with his son. He is now faced with the daunting task of telling Laura the news.

Ted and Dean have their own little party on an empty plane and drunkenly discuss their situations. Ted informs Dean that Colette is now a single woman and convinces him to try to win her back.

Pushing all of their troubles aside, the crew gathers at Ted’s place to bring in the New Year. Ted fails to find the right moment to tell Laura about Amanda’s bun in the oven. The two share a kiss at midnight and even Dean and Colette lock lips.

As you can see, this episode opens up several possible story lines. What will happen with Colette and Dean? Ted and Laura? Maggie and Broyles? Kate’s career with Pan Am? We will have to wait and see!



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