'Parenthood' Recap: Episode 18 'My Brother's Wedding'

By Tajah Ebram,

In tonight’s episode of Parenthood, “My Brother’s Wedding,” tensions are high at the start but by the end of this season finale, everything seems to be changing for the better in the Braverman family.

Things start off rocky for Adam and Crosby, especially after Adam tells his brother that he fully intends to sell the Luncheonette. Crosby’s response is to let Adam know that he cannot be the best man in his wedding, which is to occur within the week. The brothers get into a fist fight right in the middle of a family meeting and in front of their two sons. The bitterness towards one another lingers for most of the episode. As a result, Crosby gives in and tells Adam that he can sell.

Joel and Julia begin packing up the baby nursery while fighting back their heartache. Zoe arrives on their front porch to offer another apology, but that is just not enough for Julia. She and Joel take the next step of going to an adoption agency, where they express how urgently they want a baby.

Sarah has been having doubts about Marc and herself for several episodes now, and in this finale she tells him that she doesn’t want to have children anymore. To add insult to injury, Sarah breaks up with him because she feels he should not have to choose between loving her and having a family. Marc protests but Sarah leaves firmly with barely any goodbye.

And just when you think the season is going to end with everything gone awry—the wedding happens.

Time seems to slow down for Crosby and Jasmine’s long-awaited nuptials. They say “I do” in a beautiful silent scene, narrated solely by Adele’s sweet melody, “Make You Feel My Love.” The beauty of the ceremony helps everyone else to realize that reconciliation is much needed.

So in spite of not having been the best man, Adam honors Crosby with a toast at the reception and, much to our surprise, he vows not to sell the Luncheonette.

Marc makes a surprise appearance at the reception and tells Sarah that he wants to be with her more than anything else. And with all of the love in the air, Marc decides to ask for her hand in marriage as well. It is a quiet but obviously accepted proposal.

But maybe there’s a little too much love going around since Drew and his girlfriend decide they are ready to have sex for the first time. And so they do—right upstairs in his room, with the reception still going on.

Amber ducks out of the party as well to go and meet Bob Little. She tells him that she cannot be with him but hopes that she can continue working for him. Through teary eyes, she confesses that she is tired of making decisions based on her emotions. Bob is hurt but tells Amber she can definitely still work on the campaign. I foresee an exciting new romance for season four!

In the last scene of the finale, Julia and Joel get more than they bargained for from the adoption agency—a boy older than Sydney. But they welcome him with open arms for now.



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