Style Network - Jerseylicious vs. Big Rich Texas [VIDEO]

By Vanessa Munoz,

A war has begun between the stars of the Style networks Jerseylicious and Big Rich Texas. The ladies battled it out on Twitter to see which state has the toughest girls around.

The Jersey girls feel they have more to offer fans, while those from the lone star state feel that there attitude and class speaks for itself. They both have striking similarities, heavy accents and cut throat women, that may make it hard for followers to decide.

The upcoming season of Big Rich Texas promises viewers gun-slinging ladies with attitude. The second season will feature big cat-fights between the entire cast. If you want to see Grace is working toward becoming head cheerleader, how the new girl DeAynni is fitting in, and “Leslie getting it from all sides,” Connie reports, then you have got to watch the Style network on Sundays.

This season is all “drama,” according to Grace, like only the girls in Texas can bring and is sure to leave fans wondering what’s in the water in Texas.

Not to be out done the ladies of Jerseylicious are giving fans another drama filled season. The girls are bringing out the claws in season four and their showing fans that you don’t play with a girl in leopard print.

Gayle reports that fans will be so thrilled this season as the fights break out amongst the Gatsby stylist. But this season will be filled with more than funny cat-fights. The Gatsby is expanding and will be better then ever before. Gayle reports that there are a ton “ton of interesting things going on [with the salon],” and fans are sure to be excited.

An even bigger surprise for fans will be that love is blossoming on the show. But between who, you ask? You will have to watch the show to find out.

Take a peak:



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