'The Walking Dead' Recap: '18 Miles Out'

By Matthew Dagen,

A few episodes of the first part of the second season featured flashbacks of different characters before the zombie apocalypse really took over. This week's episode decided to flip that and feature a flash forward. We start off this week with Shane running for his life from a whole lot of walkers, and ends up barricading himself in a bus. Rick is also being chased by the undead. Randall, the guy whose leg was impaled in the last episode, is inching toward a knife, his hands and feet bound.

Cue the opening credits, then we jump back in time to see what led to that opening scene. Rick and Shane get out of a car, nowhere near the farm, and Rick tells Shane they need to have a talk. Rick tells Shane this isn't about Randall, who at this point is blindfolded with headphones and music taped to his ears in the trunk. They talk about what really happened with Otis at the school, and Shane defends his actions by saying it's what needed to be done to keep Carl alive. Shane questions if Rick would have done the same thing.

Rick, insisting that he isn't the "good guy" anymore, tells Shane that he is willing to, and would, do anything to protect his family. He gives Shane an ultimatum: he can come back to the farm if he accepts that Lori isn't his, and neither is the baby.

Back at the farm, Lori brings Beth, still in a daze since the barn massacre, some food. Beth asks Lori how she can even think of bringing a child into this kind of world. Lori, unhappy with Beth, storms out.

Rick and Shane arrive at a depot of sorts and feel this is a viable place to drop Randall and let him fend for himself. When they get out of the car, a walker in a policeman or security uniform comes stumbling toward the fence between them. Shane pulls out his gun, but Rick cautions him to be more discreet. Rick slices his thumb and smears some blood on the fence. While the walker is going to town on Rick's blood sample, Rick takes the knife and stabs it in the head, accompanied with a nice loud crunch. There's another roaming walker, and Shane dispatches it the same way Rick did.

Rick and Shane search the rest of the depot for ammo, food and supplies. When they finish their full circle, they take a look at the two walker cops. They don't see any bite marks. "Must be scratches, then," Rick says. Well, that throws a nice little wrench into things, doesn't it?

Lori goes back into the room with Beth, who is crying, saying she has nothing to live for. Lori tells her that she has Maggie, her father and everyone else. Lori leaves with the uneaten food she brought in earlier, but when she's cleaning the tray, notices the knife is missing. She runs back upstairs and takes the knife away, then goes and finds Maggie.

Rick and Shane are just about all set to leave Randall in the middle of the depot, hands and feet still bound, when he yells after them that he and Maggie had been at the same school together. Randall tells them that she didn't know him, but Shane knows that means he knows exactly where the farm is. Shane pulls out his gun, ready to shoot Randall, but Rick shoves Shane enough that the bullet misses Randall by about a foot.

Shane brings back up the fact that he doesn't think Rick can keep Lori and Carl safe. Rick is just about done with this argument and the two former best friends are now swinging at each other, beating the hell out of each other. While Rick and Shane are fighting, Randall notices Rick's knife and starts crawling toward it.

Rick tries to assert his dominance over the group, telling Shane that he doesn't get to make decisions like this anymore (basically referring to the barn). Shane grabs a giant wrench and hurls it toward Rick. Rick ducks out of the way and the wrench goes crashing into a window. A few moments pass, and here come the walkers we saw at the beginning of the episode.

Back at the farm, Maggie is livid with Beth after learning of her thoughts toward suicide. Maggie calls her selfish and they start yelling at each other. In the kitchen, Andrea tells Lori that she shouldn't have taken the knife away, that it's Beth's choice, not Lori's or Maggie's or anyone else's, if she wants to live or die. She relates it to Dale taking her gun away after Andrea had wanted to stay in the CDC in Atlanta, then calls Lori out for being self-centered, saying that she hasn't had to endure loss yet.

Randall finally reaches the knife and cuts himself loose. Just as he breaks free of his bonds, a walker is almost right on top of him. He gives the walker a nice kick to the arm, sending the bone right out of the arm, then takes the knife and gruesomely stabs it in the head about five times.

While a whole bunch of walkers are chasing Shane into the bus, it's looking like it could be the end for Rick. He shoots one walker in the head and it falls on top of him. He shoots another, and that one falls on top of the first. A third walker lays down on the other walkers trying to claw at Rick. He can't get a clear shot, so he puts his gun inside another walker's mouth and empties his clip into the remaining zombie. The visual of Rick laying under three twice-dead walkers with the barrel of his gun visible through the back of one of the heads is something that won't be forgotten for a while.

At the farm, Maggie is still arguing with Beth about what they're going to do. Beth suggests assisted double suicide. Maggie can only think of how Hershel would react to that. Beth doesn't think they'll ever be safe again, and it's the only way out.

Rick finds Randall and grabs him. They see Shane in the bus, but they also see an opening in a fence; a way out. Rick then makes the hard choice. He takes Randall and makes for the opening in the fence. Shane sees them leaving, and can't believe that Rick would leave him like that.

Andrea goes up to Beth's room and tells Beth that the pain doesn't go away, that she's just going to have to deal with it. With that, Andrea leaves, leaving Beth alone. Maggie goes back into the room and hears glass break from the bathroom, then Beth screaming. Lori helps Maggie break into the bathroom, and Beth is crying, regretting what she just tried to do.

Just about back to the car, Rick stops when he sees the bite-less walkers. I don't know if it was because the walkers were wearing police uniforms or if it was just to prove Shane wrong and show him that Rick can protect everyone, but Rick and Randall go back for Shane. Shane hears the car coming toward the bus, and while Rick is leaning out the passenger window shooting walkers, he yells for Shane to go to the back of the bus. Shane hops in an open window and they all escape.

Andrea runs up to the house, happy that Beth is OK. She tells Maggie that Beth made her choice to live, but Maggie doesn't want Andrea anywhere near the house. As Maggie and Lori head back inside, Lori tells Maggie that she doesn't think Andrea was wrong in what she did, but she's not defending it either.

Back out on the road, we see tire marks and the car is parked. Rick and Shane have Randall blindfolded and bound again. Rick repeats his statements from earlier that Lori and the baby are his, but he does want Shane to still be there as part of his group. Rick gives Shane his gun back, then they head back to the farm.



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