'America's Next Top Model British Invasion' Recap - 'Beverley Johnson'

By Michael Pascua,
The model-hopefuls go to Toronto to do real runway shows and have a messy photoshoot involving maple syrup.

Last Week: Candace was eliminated because she was boring. There were rumors of Kyle quitting, but she decided to stick around longer.

The girls returned and called AzMarie's photo a "cucumber." The Brits were a little nervous with her around. Eboni decided to stick to picking on Kyle, but she wasn't leaving. Laura knew that this was a blessing and opportunity since she just lost a friend to a motorcycle accident.

The girls get a video via shameless product placement phone and Mr. Jay announced that the girls were going to a real runway show in Toronto. They would actually go to casting calls. The girls got their bags packed while the Brits continued to talk negatively about the Yanks' walking skills.

The girls met Mr. Jay in the CN Tower and he explained that the girls would be going to real casting calls. The girl that gets the most castings would win clothes from Mr. Jay. There were eight potential designers.

The Designers:
Pink Tartan - Kyle, Laura, Sophie
Toronto Start-up Show (Six Designers) - AzMarie, Annaliese, Sophie, Alisha, Eboni. Of all the girls, Eboni managed to get four bookings out of six.
Attitude Jay Manuel - Laura, Kyle, AzMarie, Sophie

Ashley, Seymone and Catherine had zero castings.

Since Sophie and Eboni both got four bookings, they would be judged on their runway skills. The girls talked on the bus as the Brits chatted about how weak Seymone was. She couldn't survive on only good looks; she needed to have the full package. Kyle, Laura, and Sophie visited Pink Tartan. As they went through their runway practice, both Kyle and Laura looked too nervous. They were pulled aside and told that they were cut from Pink Tartan.

Jay welcomed the girls and pointed out that a real fashion week was a first. With ten minutes to go, Seymone was the most upset. Jay told her that she looked amazing, but she was missing that spark.

As the girls walked, Eboni had this serious face throughout all of her walks. Sophie was the only model walking for Pink Tartan and she left a smile on the designers face. The girls' walk for Attitude Jay Manuel was fun and interesting.

Jay talked to the contestants and even though she only had two shows, Annaliese was excited to do real runway after the show. The girls arrived at One King West and were at the penthouse. Catherine talked positively with AzMarie and she loved the positivity. She explained the lack of support from her parents after she came out, but she hoped that modeling would help. The girls received Tyra Mail about being sticky and sweet. Ashley talked to Sophie, a bit upset because she didn't book anything. She wanted to make sure that she made her children proud.

Jay talked to the girls and announced that both Eboni and Sophie won the prizes; a trip to the Calgary Stampede and clothes from Jay's collection. Jay announced that the girls would be having a photoshoot. Jay introduced their photographer Miguel Jacob and announced the girls would be covered in organic maple syrup. Jay wanted to make sure that they had to have interesting shapes.

Sophie was first and she impressed Jay. While some of the girls were worried about being sticky, Catherine needed to make sure that she had to produce an amazing photo. Laura knew the intensity of the program was getting to her as she continued to think about her lost friend. During the photoshoot, she tried to model past the pain.

Ashley wanted to make sure that she needed to do better; after the shoot Jay talked to her about her kids. AzMarie had a wonderful photo in only a few shots. Surprisingly, Seymone's confidence kicked in and she did a great job. Eboni still hasn't channeled her inner child.

The girls arrived at judging and along with Nigel Barker and Kelly Cutrone was supermodel Beverly Johnson. Alisha lacked some potential, she wasn't modeling enough. Sophie had a stunning face while modeling and her eyes were selling points. Catherine was in tears for not booking any go-sees. Catherine's shot was sincere, but Kelly warned her to be mentally prepared. Ashley had a bit of fear in her face. Without the personality factor, her photo was weak. Annaliese channeled an animalistic photo.

Laura was being direct with getting rejected for Pink Tartan. Laura had emotion and was vulnerable in her photo. Kyle had extraordinary eyes and looked like a model. AzMarie had a smoldering eye in her photo. Seymone had a flawless beauty shot according to Nigel. Eboni finally had youth in her face that Tyra and Kelly appreciated.

The judges deliberated and the best photo came from Eboni. The bottom four were all Brits, but the bottom two were Ashley and Catherine. The two girls didn't book any fashion shows, but Catherine had a stronger photo and was safe. Ashley was eliminated but Tyra suggested that she should probably be a presenter instead of a model.

Model Callout
1) Eboni
2) AzMarie
3) Sophie
4) Seymone
5) Laura
6) Kyle
7) Alisha
8) Annaliese
9) Catherine
10) Ashley - Eliminated

Next Week: The girls become Mean Girls and then possibly become Spice Girls.



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