'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes' Recap: 'I Will Always Love You'

By Genovia R. Lindo,

In a painstaking final round, 3 teams are asked to trek across a glacier and climb a mountain in the last episode, “I Will Always Love You.”

T.J Lavin wakes the challengers up at 5am to begin their journey. The players are freezing but they are ready to tough it out for a $150,000 prize. Day 2 of the final challenge requires the players to cross a glacier, completing each checkpoint and climb 12 miles to the top of a mountain in order to cross the finish line.

CT and Diem manage to make their way to first place once again, which disheartens Johnny. CT and Diem arrive at their 1st checkpoint of day 2, “Feast for a Viking.” At the station, the challengers are required to eat the head of an animal (brains and all) and wash it down with sheep’s blood. Johnny, Camilla, Ty and Emily follow behind, disgusted by the feast. CT and Diem finish their sheep’s blood first and collect their 3rd artifact. Johnny and Camilla follow behind shortly.

CT and Diem reach the 4th checkpoint, “Ice Key” first. They must use a rock to break open a box holding a key that will unlock their snowshoes and poles. Emily makes her way through the snow to the next checkpoint but Ty has a hard time keeping up. CT and Diem unlock the box first but CT is having a lot of trouble walking through the snow without the snowshoes falling off. Somehow, Ty and Emily and their competitors, Johnny and Camilla pass CT and Diem. CT becomes worried because they are in last place.

Johnny and Camilla are in the lead for a while but Emily manages to sneak her way past Camilla and eventually Johnny. Emily’s position of first place is short-lived because she has to wait for Ty, who is having a difficult time keeping up with her pace. Ty gets his head back in the game and treks through the snow to meet Emily, which places them in the lead. Emily is setting the tone for the competition as she manages to move from last place to first without the help of her partner. But when Ty falls behind once again, Johnny and Camilla gain the perfect opportunity to make it into 1st place.

At the next checkpoint, “Poled Out,” each team must create 6 complete boundaries using 12 out of the 13 logs alongside boulders that have been provided. This task requires each pair of partners to really work together to succeed. Diem loves puzzles, which makes CT happy because he knows she will get the puzzle done. Successful teamwork allows CT and Diem to collect their 5th artifact and move on. Camilla and Johnny are frustrated with each other, which causes them to take longer to complete the puzzle. Ty and Emily also have a hard time working with one another because both players want to be the leader. Johnny and Camilla finish 2nd and collect their 5th artifact.

At the next station, each team must dig their way through an ice tunnel. CT breaks open his tunnel first and Diem and him make their way to the other side, finishing 1st. Johnny is tuckered out. Ty and Emily’s 30 minutes for completing the puzzle are up and they must now move on. Johnny and Camilla earn their 6th medallion when they make their way through the tunnel.

Emily is trying to go as fast as she can through the tunnel but Ty is struggling to break through the ice. CT and Diem are in first place once again but CT is getting tired and cannot keep up with Diem. Johnny and Camilla begin taunting CT to break his spirit since he is “already out of gas.” Camilla thinks CT’s smoking has finally caught up to him. When Ty has a hard time making it through the tunnel, Emily says he is half dead because of his lack of energy.

Camilla thinks that Emily’s an animal because she’s moving faster than Ty. At the next checkpoint, “Sliced Up,” the challengers have to complete another puzzle. The puzzle resembles a rubix cube but instead of matching colors, the purpose is to match letters. CT is so tired that Diem is forced to do all the work while CT sits down for a rest. Johnny and Camilla are neck in neck with CT and Diem. On CT and Diem’s first attempt, they get their puzzle wrong, as does Johnny and Camilla. Both teams must try again. Once CT and Diem complete the puzzle and move on, Emily and Ty start catching up. As Johnny and Camilla complete the puzzle correctly and continue on, Ty and Emily arrive at the “Sliced Up” station.

Johnny and Camilla cannot stop fighting as they trek to the next checkpoint.

Ty and Emily get their puzzle right and are ready to catch up with the other teams.

CT and Diem arrive at the last station before the finish line. The competitors must complete another puzzle in which all the collected artifacts are placed in their appropriate spaces. CT passes out while Diem places the artifacts in the puzzle. Diem fails the first time around, and rearranges the pieces. Camilla and Johnny also complete the puzzle incorrectly and are forced to try again.

Diem finally gets the puzzle right and the two are in the lead to the finish line. They must now climb to the top of a mountain. Johnny and Camilla are in 2nd place to the top of the mountain.

Although Emily and Ty are in last place, Emily still has hope they can pull out a win. They finally make it to the last checkpoint, the sundial.

Meanwhile, Camilla is struggling to keep up. CT is cramping up but there is no time to rest. Diem is pushing through the pain to keep him going.

Ty and Emily finally finish the sundial puzzle. Ty realizes they are not far behind because they can still see the other challengers in front.

CT and Camilla are having a hard time keeping up with their partners, and begin crawling on their knees to the finish line. Camilla finally passes CT. As Emily and Ty catch up, Johnny and Camilla make it to 1st place. CT and Diem are in 2nd place. In what feels like seconds, Johnny and Camilla make it to the top, cross the finish line and are named the winners of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes.

Johnny says Camilla and him have overcome a lot in their experience. Johnny thinks he has grown closer to her. As the two rejoice, T.J gives the two their $150,000 check.

CT and Diem cross the finish line and T.J awards the team with their $100,000 check for 2nd place. Diem says she will always have a special place in her heart for CT.

As Emily and Ty make it to the top, Ty looks back at his relationship with Emily, and how they have grown. Ty says he would not choose another partner. T.J presents the team with $40,000 for coming in last place.

For all the pain all 3 teams endured, it’s a good thing everyone gets to go home with a little chunk of change. Catch the reunion special next Wed. @ 10pm on MTV to find out the juicy details of what really went on during the competition!



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