'Criminal Minds' recap 'I Love You Tommy Brown'

By Lee Allport,

In this episode of Criminal Minds entitled "I Love You Tommy Brown," we open with a woman narrating about how much she loves someone. We also see a young girl sneaking out of her house to meet a boy. They are making out on the ground when the sprinkler system comes on. As the girl is running back home she notices her front door open, when she enters the house her family has been shot to death.

Tech Analyst Kevin Lynch wants to propose to Tech Analyst Penelope Garcia and needs Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan's help. Morgan isn't really into it but Kevin won't let up. Penelope is watching through a window and is wondering what could be going on. She asks Morgan and he says "guy stuff".

Penelope presents the case. Two couples have been shot in Washington 4 miles apart. It's very rare in this area and there was no sign of robbery or assault. These were executions but the team can't figure out why.

A couple is arriving home after work. However there is a woman in their home. It's Teri Polo! She shoots them and leaves. The narration is saying, "I love you Tommy Brown".

On the jet the team talks about the case. Both of the couples were professionals but there is no overlap. They were good people, neighborhood volunteers and the like. Their financials were great as well. This is a mystery they need to figure out.

In Seattle Washington Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid and Morgan are in the victims home and they see that it is child proofed. But apparently they didn't have any kids. This brings up some questions.

Supervisor Special Agent Jennifer Jareau and Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss are talking to the victim's daughter. She feels responsible having been out of the house during the murders. She thinks if she had been home she might have heard something and been able to call the police. Her family was very church oriented. We also find out the new victims attended the same church.

Teri Polo is approaching a woman in her driveway. Teri tells her that she is with social services and she is doing a drop in visit. The woman isn't thrilled and says she usually receives a call first. Teri tells her that she can make an appointment to come back later but that she'll have to document refusal of entry.

We find out that the couples are actually foster parents. Reid and Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi think that the killer is probably a woman who is looking for a child to take. When she arrives at the homes and they don't have a baby she kills them.

Teri Polo is unhappy to find out the baby isn't with this woman. She takes out a gun on her and asks her for some information about the baby, once she finds it she tells the woman to get on her knees. When the woman realizes she is about to die she begins praying. Teri Polo goes crazy and starts shooting her over and over.

JJ and Morgan show up at this new victim's home and think the killers maternal desire is causing her to unravel. Her murders have become less controlled.

Penelope is calling Morgan and he is ignoring her. JJ wants to know why but he just ignores her as well. Penelope approaches Kevin and he doesn't want to tell her what is going on either, so he lies to her. When she calls him out on it he uses odd facts to cover himself.

Time for the profile. Supervisory Special Agent In Charge Aaron Hotchner says we are looking for a white female late 30's early 40's who thinks killing is the only way she can obtain a child. Maternal desire is the profound emotional desire to mother a baby. She could possibly do something drastic like kidnap a child or perform a c-section abduction. She also might work for the foster system.

Kevin is making Penelope crazy because he is being secretive and sweaty and giving her all her favorite things. She knows something is up and wants to know what it is but he won't budge.

Teri Polo is watching a woman with a baby. When the woman returns to her vehicle Teri points a gun at her back and forces the woman into the vehicle. She knows everything about this woman, who has adopted her infant son due to fertility issues. Teri Polo tells the woman that she is actually the babies mother and she is here to take back her baby.
The team starts wondering if possibly Teri Polo's character was recently released from a mental institution. Penelope is checking it out but not finding anyone.

The mother of the infant is found shot but she is still alive. Teri Polo is driving the car and telling the baby not to worry, they are almost there. We don't know where there is.

Prentiss and Rossi realize the killer has taken a baby and that the baby is sick. They need to find him.

Teri Polo, who is apparently named Maggie, shows up at a young boys home with the baby. There is some serious May Kay Letourneau stuff going down here. She tells him that this is their baby and that now they are a family and no one can keep them apart. Then they kiss.

Maggie tells the boy, whose name is Tommy, that they are leaving town. He isn't happy. He asks what he should do about his mom. She says that his mom is the reason they are in this situation, that she sent her to prison and called her an animal. When the doorbell rings there is a young girl at the door. Maggie takes out a gun while Tommy answers the door.

Prentiss, Rossi and Hotch are talking about the suspect. A witness explained her appearance and said she waited on a bench for over an hour for the woman and her baby. Turns out Maggie wasn't just focused on any baby, she wanted her baby, the one she gave birth to in prison.

The young girl named Julie talks to Tommy and asks him to a dance. When she hears a baby crying she walks into the house and finds the teacher. She tells Maggie she shouldn't be there, she was in jail and even if she was released there is a restraining order against her. Maggie starts teaching Julie lessons. Lesson one is the prisons are overpopulated so she was released early, Lesson two was that restraining orders can be broken and finally lesson three is don't mess with the teacher and with that she shoots Julie in the back.

Penelope finds that Margaret Hullman gave birth while in jail and was released 4 days ago. She had the baby taken from her and Tommy's mother refused to raise it. Maggie is now trying to put her family back together.

Maggie begins giving Tommy lessons in how age shouldn't be a factor in their love citing sources such as Romeo and Juliet. He is upset with her that she might have killed Julie. She pulls the car over and tells him that he is the love of her life, but if she is not his he should get out of the car. He refuses.

The team arrives at Tommy's house and Julie tells them that Maggie left with a baby and Tommy. Hotch wants to find out more about Margaret. Penelope tells them that there was another student she molested and apparently Maggie has purchased the house he grew up in. They head that way knowing she'll be there.

The couple arrives at a house which Maggie says is now theirs. They profess their love for one another in numerous ways.

The police arrive at the new house and Maggie becomes hysterical and asks Tommy if he called the police. When he says no, that he would never do that, she asks him to prove it. She hands him a gun and tells him to protect his family. Morgan and JJ start telling Tommy about how there was another boy, another student that she loved, that she even named their son after. He drops the gun and she picks it up and is shot by Hotch.

Back at Quantico JJ states that she can't understand the teacher student relationship. Reid says that if Maggie hadn't been so pretty she would never have been let out of jail. Apparently it's a fact that attractive criminals spend less time in jail than their unattractive counter parts. There is an hierarchy to everything, even sex offenders.

Penelope tells Kevin she isn't ready to get married, but unfortunately he is. He leaves her standing alone in the hallway.



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