Janice Dickinson has some choice of words for Kim Kardashian!

By Joann Vaglica,

By now everyone has heard that Kim Kardashian was flour-bomb-attacked by Christina Cho, an extreme supporter of the PETA organization and anti-animal cruelty activist.

In light of that recent incident, many celebrities have come forward to show the reality starlet support, but one celebrity (at least so far) approves of the act done by Cho!

Supermodel Janice Dickinson said to Radar Online, "Throwing flour on someone is rude! I think Kim should be tarred and feathered!"


She continued the verbal attack, saying, "I support PETA. Anyone that wears fur is rude and disgusting! Especially Kim Kardashian. She is rude and disgusting."

Dickinson didn't end it there. She referred to Kardashian as a "slut" and "whore" whose buttox was just a "heap of lard."

"It's time for the public to realize it and remember you look at this every night — you're endorsing a fake marriage,. That fake sham marriage was disgusting because they did it for money! She's a fraud, she's a hoax," she told Radar Online, via Coco Perez.

Coco Perez also reports that Dickinson feels she's been "snubbed" and ignored by the socialite before.

When both celebrities were scheduled to make appearances on Good Morning America, Kris Jenner had Kardashian say hello to Dickinson. She responded with "Are you serious? She's fake and you're fake" and walked away.

Which do you think is worse: Cho's attack on Kardashian or Dickinson's attack?



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