Justin Bieber wanted to make Taylor Swift cry with his ’Punk’d’ prank

By April Chieffo,
Justin Bieber arriving at the MTV Europe Music Awards at the Odyssey Arena on November 6 2011 in Belfast

Justin Bieber is one of many celebrity hosts pulling pranks on their unsuspecting celebrity friends on the revival of Punk’d.

Bieber, 18, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! alongside the original Punk’d prankster, who is now Executive Producer, Ashton Kutcher, where he talked about the prank he pulled on Taylor Swift.

Bieber, who said that Taylor, 22, thought she was meeting up with the “Boyfriend” singer for a music session, had the intention to “make her cry."

“She’s such a sweet girl so I wanted to, like, make her cry,” he told Jimmy Kimmel. “so I wanted to think of something that would really do that.”

The prank he came up with was to make the “Eyes Open” singer set off illegal fireworks and have her think that one of the fireworks set a boat, which was holding a wedding party, on fire.

“She’s so sensitive, so I knew that if she thought she broke up a wedding, that she was gonna be[upset]. She thought she was putting off fireworks that I got in Japan, these illegal fireworks, I was like, ‘they’re awesome, they’re amazing’ and she lit them off and it blew up this boat that had a wedding on it. … she was like, ‘This is not okay’… all of the sudden the bride is swimming to shore and it’s, like, crazy."

Bieber, who is making the rounds promoting both his new single “Boyfriend” and Punk’d says although he successfully pranked Taylor Swift, he doesn’t think she’ll successfully get him back.

“I’m unpunkable” he told Access Hollywood.

Punk’d returns to MTV tonight, March 29 at 10p.m. watch a preview below:

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