Kate Gosselin tweeting recipes with one of Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriends

By Gina DiFalco,

Two unlikely people were interacting via Twitter over the weekend – Kate Gosselin and the woman who started dating her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, just weeks after they first split in 2009, Hailey Glassman.

Three years later, with both women unattached to the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch, the two are exchanging recipes on the social networking website.

"Hey @kateplusmy8 can u share the recipe for the "Monkey Munch." It's so yummy,” Glassman tweeted to the mother of 8 on Sunday, E! Online reports. She was quick to pay her a compliment as well when she said, "my mom & I never seem to make it as tasty as you did."

"@hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1 go to the chex website… it should be there. Not my recipe but love it!" Gosselin responded. "Called 'muddy buddies' there! Enjoy! :)"

Back in 2006, Glassman’s father performed a tummy tuck operation on the mom of sextuplets and twins. Soon after, the two families became very close.

When Jon and Kate broke up in 2009, Jon quickly rebounded with the daughter of their New York plastic surgeon. He even moved in with the family after he moved out of his Pennsylvania home he shared with Kate and his kids.

Radar Online reports that Jon and Hailey’s relationship only lasted about a year, with the former couple engaging in some pretty heavy allegations.

Jon accused Hailey of trashing his apartment in New York, and she in turn, accused him of failing to pay her back $200,000 she once lent him.



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