New 'Game of Thrones' season two trailer - War is coming (Video)

By Jenna Katharine Nelson,
Trailer is the first time HBO has used a pop song for a promo

A brand new trailer popped up online Saturday, and Game of Thrones fans can be sure that the seven kingdoms will be seeing a jam-packed season two.

War is coming as the Starks and the Lannister's have at it, while the Barathians take each other on. Jamie Lannister tells new 'king' of the North Robb Stark that  "three victories do not make you a conquerer." In typical Stark fashion, Robb replies, "it's better than three defeats." A little bit cocky, Robb? Maybe save it for your new lady also appearing in the trailer.

Tyrion Lannister goes up against scheming (and incestuous) sister Cersei. Evil King Joffrey terrorizes his poor fiance Sansa Stark, who we're sure will be wishing she had fled King's Landing in season one when she had the chance. Jon Snow is of course beyond The Wall being an unsung hero, while Carice van Houten conducts a ceremony.

On top of that and more, HBO surprises fans by using Florence and the Machine's song 'Seven Devils' as the theme song. Entertainment Weekly says is the first time the network has licensed a pop song for a promo, and it actually sounds good. Before fans panic that the track is thrown on in a random Enya at the end of Lord of the Rings kind of way, the track makes a lot of sense. If it didn't sound awesome, would 'Seven Devils,' seven kingdoms be just a happy coincidence?

Watch the trailer for yourself to judge if the track amps you up for Game of Thrones season two, premiering April 1 and leave comments below.



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