The Osbournes will return to TV in a new animated show

By Marissa Pessolano,
The Osbourne family to star in animated series

The Osbournes will be making their return to TV in animated form for a new series based on their family.

Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourne at the premiere of "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" at the Tribeca Film Festival. (NYC)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Canadian animation house Cuppa Coffee Studios will be producing the animated prime-time show, which will be called The F'n Osbournes. The title has been seen with the tag, "The F stands for Family."

The series was created by Sharon and Jack Osbourne along with Cuppa Coffee Studio President Adam Shaheen.

The stop motion comedy would be voiced by the Osbourne family, and they are currently set to do 20 episodes.

Even though the series will be a cartoon, it is not for kids. The Osbournes will be keeping up with their adult dialogue and themes for which they have become known.

“Teaming up with Cuppa Coffee has spawned a great opportunity to produce a unique animated prime-time show. I’ve been excited about animating our often crazy lives for a while now,” said Sharon Osbourne, quoted by Livewire.

The family previously had a reality show on MTV, The Osbournes, which aired from 2002-2005. The series followed the life of heavy metal singer Ozzy, his wife Sharon, and kids, Jack and Kelly. The show contained a large amount of profanity that had to be censored.

From the show's success, Kelly tried to launch a singing career and Sharon hosted The Sharon Osbourne Show.

In addition, the family debuted their variety show, Osbournes: Reloaded, in 2009. The show, however, was cancelled after one episode.

It has also been recently announced that Ozzy will be reuniting with his band, Black Sabbath, for a reunion album. Drummer Bill Ward, however, will not be joining the band and there has been no word on who will be taking over the drums.



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