Alicia Silverstone addresses baby-feeding video controversy

By Jillian Claybrook,

Alicia Silverstone has no regrets about how she feeds her son.

Earlier this month the actress posted a video on her website, The Kind Life, of herself feeding her 11-month-old son Bear Blu. This doesn’t sound like something that would cause a great deal of controversy, but it did. The video went viral and anyone who’s seen it may understand why.

In the much talked about video, Silverstone is seen chewing her son’s food for him and then feeding him directly from her mouth, in a way that has been described as reminiscent of how a baby bird is fed. The video garnered a lot of media attention as well as criticism from healthcare professionals who claim that the practice is not sanitary for a young child.

Silverstone spoke out on the matter on-camera for the first time in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Us Weekly reports. During the interview, Silverstone made no apologies for how she feeds her child and explained that it is more commonly practiced than people may realize.

“I can understand that it would make some people feel uncomfortable, possibly, because it’s new to them,” she stated. “But I do want to let you know that this has been going on for thousands of years – still going on all over the place – and it’s natural.”

As for the claims that she is putting her child’s health at risk by feeding him that way, she responded that he is healthy and chewing his food for him was necessary because he did not have any teeth at the time.

“My kid is healthy. My kid’s the happiest baby ever. He didn’t have teeth and would choke,” she explained to ET Online.

The actress, 35, is confident in her parenting choices and has other things to focus on rather than the backlash from the video. According to ET, Silverstone is launching a collection of beauty essentials – The Alicia Silverstone Collection – for Juice Beauty that will be sold exclusively at ULTA stores nationwide. It should also come as no surprise that Silverstone, who is widely known for her health conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle, is lending her name to the collection of beauty products that are all made with certified organic ingredients and packaging that ET reported would take sustainability and recycling to a new level.

Good for you Alicia!




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