Amber Rose gushes about her future wedding to Wiz Khalifa

By Joann Vaglica,

Here comes the bride!

Wiz Khalifa is making an honest woman out of Amber Rose and according to her, all things wedding are taking over her life!

After the rapper popped the question to the model last month, all she does is "think about it [wedding] constantly," adding, "Like all day. No matter what I'm doing I always have my wedding on my mind. So I'm really excited," she gushed, via People.

While attending a bash in Philadelphia at the Hotel Palomar on Wednesday night for Virgin America's first flight to the city, Rose couldn't help but to talk about what's constantly on her mind.

The happy bride-to-be is just like us. She "picks up all the bridal magazines" and tears out the pages that capture her eye. She also looks through "food magazines" for thoughts on what to serve at the reception.

Rose also said that she has a wedding date set (it's too bad the 28-year-old stopped herself there without revealing the day!) and has a dress in mind, although it might not be the one she wears on her big day.

"I've picked out the most beautiful wedding dress I've ever seen," she admitted. "But, you know, we're not getting married for a while so I might change my mind."

Rose also revealed one of her wedding-day wishes exclusively to Global Grind.

"It would be Slash from Guns & Roses 'cause he is my idol and I love him. I would ask him if he could play the guitar as I walk down the aisle when I get married," with her hubby-to-be adding, "Hell yeah I’d be open to that, absolutely, she loves Slash, but she don’t know what I’m gonna do with that too. It’s gonna be gangster."



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