Anna Nicole Smith still owes tax money

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Another addition to the list of celebrities who owe tax money to the IRS is Anna Nicole Smith, even though she died in 2007 of a drug overdose at age 39.

The IRS filed a lien against the former Playboy Playmate/reality star’s estate this week in Los Angeles Superior Court. They are seeking over $289,000 in back taxes.

The sole heir of Smith’s estate is her daughter Dannielynn.

In June, Smith’s former partner, Larry Birkhead, discussed Smith losing $89 million from her late husband, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, who died in 1995 at age 90. He and Smith were married for a year.

"You know, I was disappointed for Anna, because this was something she fought long and hard for nearly 15 years of her life and it was disappointing for her just because it took so much out of her," Birkhead said. "It was just something that really affected her and stressed her out on a daily level...so now there's some closure to it."

Smith had been previously entitled the money until the Supreme Court overruled it.
Birkhead added that their daughter, now 5, is doing well.

“She has her family. She has me, her dad, she's loved, she has everything she needs. That's more important than any amount of money she could have received on behalf of her mother.”



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