Ashley Judd slams the media over conversation about her altered appearance

By Gina DiFalco,
Ashley Judd at the ABC Network's All-Star Winter TCA Party. (Pasadena, CA) ***U.S. Syndication Only!***

Ashley Judd’s appearance has changed significantly recently, leading some to believe that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures on her face.

Last month, Judd said that her altered face appearance was a result of a “serious sinus infection.”

“For the record, this is unequivocally not true," Judd's rep, Cara Tripicchio, told E! News at the time. "Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu. Therefore, Ashley has been on a heavy dose of medication to overcome it so she could get on a plane and travel to Toronto and New York to fulfill her commitment of completing four consecutive days of press to promote her new show Missing."

Judd is now lashing out against critics who talked about her appearance in a lengthy piece on The Daily Beast.

The actress said she was encouraged to read up on the things that were being written and when she did, she found it it "was pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in our culture, to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day, in ways both outrageous and subtle,” USA Today reports.

“Who makes the fantastic leap from being sick, or gaining some weight over the winter, to a conclusion of plastic surgery? Our culture, that's who. The insanity has to stop, because as focused on me as it appears to have been, it is about all girls and women,” she continued.

Judd said because of “simple objectification,” “Our voices, our personhood, our potential, and our accomplishments are regularly minimized and muted.”



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