Axl Rose dead on Twitter, but not in real life

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

The hashtag #RIPAxlRose is trending on Twitter, but is the lead singer of Guns N Roses dead?

Far from it E! News reports. E! reports that the hashtag began trending last night in Brazil, and not many believed the ‘news’ anyways. “Ok. Axl Rose is apparently only dead in Brazil. #RIPaxlrose,” reads one tweet. “RIPAxlRose this twitter killing people its not even a little funny seriously…” reads another.

Despite what’s being called, “a twitter hoax,” GossipCop still took to their page to inform fans that “Rose is NOT dead,” adding that the rumor is “100% fake.”

Rose has been the center of attention since his very public snub to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He later received an enormous amount of support for his decline and in turn was moved by the fans that rallied for him.

Cleveland fans were personally hurt by the Hall of Fame snub so Rose asked the media to publish a letter written for Cleveland fans, apologizing for the snub.



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