Differing ads for 'The Client List' feature Jennifer Love Hewitt with natural and digitally reduced breasts

By Marissa Willstein,

Jennifer Love Hewitt may be proud of her womanly curves but some fear that her bodacious bod in the ad for her Lifetime TV show, The Client List, is too exposed. The steamy photograph of Hewitt shows off her size 36-C breasts, the actress’s most envied feature, in a sexy black ensemble.

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the launch of the new series, "The Client List". (West Holllywood, CA)

While the Hollywood Reporter and Los Angeles billboards are sticking with the sultry original image, Entertainment Weekly has chosen to go with a more subdued Photoshopped image that features a smaller breasted Hewitt.

The curvy actress, who plays a single mother and prostitute in her latest TV show, has learned to love her assets and has no problem showing them off to the public.

“It’s horrible to say, but I like my boobs,” she said. “They’ve always served me well. They’re good.”

In preparation for her new sexy role in The Client List, Hewitt has not only learned to love her body but has also gotten in touch with her sexuality.

“I learned a lot actually. I’m not quite as scared as I thought I would be,” the actress explained to Parade magazine. “I’ve actually learned how to wear lingerie better—sort of how to get into it faster—all of those things.”

Although she admitted that being a “feisty young lady from Texas comes naturally," portraying a prostitute was a bit more foreign.

“[Being] so overtly sexy and provocative, that part of it is not something that I’ve really put out there before. And it has been fun and exciting.”

Hewitt also added that her age has a lot to do with why she agreed to take on the provocative part.

“I’m 33-years-old and I think if I was younger, it would feel more saucy and daring. But at 33, I’m a grown woman,” she said. “You sort of find your femininity and your strength and your own sexuality in playing a part like this.”

The Client List is not the first time people will be seeing this celeb as a sex symbol. Hewitt was named the sexiest woman on television by TV Guide in 2008 and has graced the cover of Maxim four times, including the magazine’s latest issue.



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