Dr. Drew thinks there are too many unanswered questions involving the death of Whitney Houston

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,
Dr Drew Pinsky arriving at 2011 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at The Shrine Auditorium on December 11, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Philip Vaughan

After Wednesday’s coroner’s report was released, we found out details of the evening in which Whitney Houston died.

The iconic singer was pronounced dead pending an investigation, and after several weeks of waiting, still no official details were released despite speculation. The Bodyguard actress was found dead in her bathtub in February, the night before the Grammy’s. The official cause of death was “drowning,” but a significant amount of information has been released, which further informs the details of her death.

The coroner’s report states that cocaine was found in the bathroom and on a small compact mirror, as well as a spoon and a series of prescription medication bottles.

Despite the information, Dr. Drew Pinsky is left with many questions.
MSN reports nearly six hours after her death, investigators measured the temperature of the bathtub at 93 degrees. Pinsky addressed on his show, Dr. Drew on HLN, “How is that even possible? Is it like a self-heating bathtub?” Pinsky asked. He later added, “I don’t think they should close [the case] as this still leaves open the possibility of foul play.”

Pinsky goes on to address the issue of Xanax over cocaine, noting that when someone is not used to a specific drug, the possibility of seizure is more likely. “Here’s a way to induce a seizure: not taking Xanax after having been on it for a period of time, the blood level goes low, (chance of a) seizure goes up,” he informs.

The reports state that the amount of cocaine in Houston’s system was not a “toxic level,” LA Times reports. The coroner states that the cocaine level in the singer's body shows that she would have taken the drug two hours prior to getting into the tub.

Do you think Dr. Drew has a point?



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