Fox pulls Christian Slater comedy ‘Breaking In’ from schedule

By Daniel S Levine,
Remaining episodes will air 'at a later date'

Fox announced Wednesday that it is pulling Breaking In from its schedule. The show has been on life-support since it started, since it was initially cancelled after its first season and then brought back as a midseason replacement this year.

Deadline reports that Fox’s original plan was to give the show a two-week hiatus after Glee’s return pushed Raising Hope to 9:30, following New Girl. Since there were just two episodes left of Hope’s season, Breaking In had been scheduled to come back following the Hope finale. Now, the plan has been scrapped. Instead, Zooey Deschanel fans will get an hour of New Girl, with repeats airing in the 9:30 slot.

A representative for Fox told TV Line that the final episodes of Breaking In will air “at a later date.” The last new episode on April 3 drew just under 3 million viewers.

This situation is very similar to Fox’s other failing comedy, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Last month, Fox announced that plans to cut Wednesday episodes of American Idol to 90 minutes to burn off the last episodes of Teenage Daughter were cancelled. At the time, the network said that they would air the episodes during the summer.

Maybe Fox can find time for a ‘burn off’ hour in the summer to air the last episodes of Breaking In and Teenage Daughter.

The news also comes just days after Fox picked up New Girl and Hope for the fall. So far, they are the only two sitcoms Fox has confirmed for the next television season.

Breaking In centered on a high-tech security team. The series starred Slater, Bret Harrison, Alphonso McAuley and Jennifer Irwin. Megan Mullally became a regular cast member during the second season.



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