Khloe Kardashian tweets about Kris Humphries not signing divorce papers: 'God get over it and move on please'

By Gina DiFalco,

Let’s be honest, Khloe Kardashian Odom never liked Kris Humphries.

But in true Khloe style, she’s taking to Twitter to relay a message to Humphries after he’s seemingly doing all he can to get his estranged wife, and Khloe’s older sister Kim Kardashian, to admit that she didn’t marry the NBA star for the right intentions.

Humphries is rumored to have turned down Kim’s $7 million offer at a divorce settlement, maintaining that all he wants is an admission that their marriage was fraudulent.

“OMG won’t he just let it go!!!! God get over it and move on please,” Khloe tweeted about it, Hollywoodlife reports.

The tweet on April 2 could have been in response to a report that very same day that Humphries wanted an apology from not only Kim, but her whole family, for what he believes was a fake wedding and subsequent 72-day marriage.

Khloe expressed her feelings on Humphries on Kim’s Fairytale Wedding special on E!, but she also told Jimmy Kimmel in February that when she first met the New Jersey Nets player, he “rubbed me the wrong way.”

Moreover, a friend of Kim’s is telling Us Weekly that the reality star is eager to put the marriage behind her but Humphries just won’t “let go.”

"He's doing anything he can to get her attention," said the source. "She would grant a divorce in a second. But he won't sign the papers. He won't let go."



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