Matt Lauer makes official announcement he's staying with 'Today' show on Friday

By Gina DiFalco,

With many believing that Matt Lauer’s days with the Today show were coming to an end with his most recent contract coming to an end, the morning host made an announcement that he will be staying on the NBC show.

On Friday’s show, Lauer told his viewers that he would be staying on and proclaimed "This is my family, this is my show … let's keep going."

Of course his cohorts were excited, as Ann Curry and Al Roker cheered and Curry called the decision "a huge bit of great news,” People reports.

It had been rumored that after Lauer’s contract expired that Ryan Seacrest would be taking over, but it doesn’t seem that will be in the near future.

Seacrest appeared on the show earlier this week to make a special announcement, but it wasn’t that he would be taking over for Lauer. Instead, he announced he would be joining the NBC family and his first order of business would be covering this summer’s Olympics.

Lauer joked that what took so long for him to announce he would be staying with Today is that he tried to develop another show but it didn’t quite catch any steam.

"Truth be told, I was developing an idea for a new show, where viewers could tune in every morning and see someone they know lose a little more of his hair every single day right in front of their eyes," he laughed, MSNBC reports, "but then I thought, I could just stay here and do that."

Lauer signed on to co-anchor the Today show in January of 1997, but he joined on as a news reader in 1994.



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