Nicki Minaj deletes Twitter account

By Robert Kirchgassner,

Singer Nicki Minaj reportedly deleted her Twitter account Sunday.

"Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good [expletive] bye,” her final tweet read.

The singer, 29, left the social site due to a verbal Twitter war with some of her followers. The fan site NickiDaily.com was reportedly leaking music from her upcoming album, Pink Friday. That site has also been shut down. She had 11 million Twitter followers.

Minaj, whose birth name is Onika Tanya, discussed her father, Omar, during her appearance on Nightline last week.

"My father was abusive. We were afraid for [my mother's] life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her,” she said.

The singer added that she wanted to kill her father. Omar was devastated about his famous daughter’s comments, as were some of her fans.

Minaj has 30 days to reactivate her account.

She still plans to perform several times in the U.K. in June. Minaj will be in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Minaj was the first female solo artist to have seven singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 simultaneously. Her single, "Starships," is currently at fifth place on the musical charts. Her most recent album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, was released April 3.

Singer Nicki Minaj performed in Times Square on April 6 2012 in New York City


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