Nicole Richie is embarrassed by her dad Lionel Richie's Dancing

By April Chieffo,

Kids are always embarrassed about some things their parents do, and celebrity kids and parents are no different.

  Nicole Richie at the 2011 UNICEF Ball held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on December 8 2011in Beverly Hills                


Lionel Richie has been near the top of the charts recently by releasing a new album that features collaborations with country artists. But while Nicole Richie is "proud" and "happy" about seeing her dad in the limelight again, there is one thing she gets embarrassed about when he is performing: his dancing.

At a recent concert, which will air as a special called ACM Presents: Lionel Richie and Friends -- In Concert on Friday on CBS, Nicole and her siblings got a chance to watch their father perform again. Nicole even joined him onstage. Richie, 30, says her father's dancing made her "uncomfortable" though.

"I can't really watch my dad dance," she told Entertainment Tonight." It's just very uncomfortable for me. I'm just not really feeling it. So, I was more into the ballads 'cause watching my dad dance--I just get so embarrassed. My sister and I  were standing next to each other... and we were like,'someone tell him to stop dancing!"

Lionel Richie sees it more as showing off than embarrassment. 

"I'm very happy that [my children] got a chance to see this because this was dad showing off," he said. "I think that meant more to me as a father than anything else."



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