Octomom under fire after spending $520 on haircuts

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,
Nadya Suleman aka Octo-Mom made an appearance at the Wendy Williams Show on January 19 2012 Philip Vaughan

Nadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom,” is rubbing California tax payers the wrong way as she already receives $2,000 a month in food stamps and recently received a pricey haircut.

TMZ reports that Suleman’s stylist Stephanie performed $520 worth of haircuts and hair styling on Suleman and her kids. Octomom wrote the stylist a check, which has been obtained by TMZ.

The site notes that the haircuts come at a time with Suleman proclaimed she needed welfare badly. Also, Stephanie informed the police that the children were living in “squalor” and that she “couldn’t believe she was spending this kind of money” when her plumbing doesn’t even work.

However, Washington Post reports that officials from the Orange County Department of Family and Children’s services have gone to the home where the 14 children reside and report that they found that the children are not in any danger.

Sgt. Jeff Baylos said, “Ms. Suleman was cooperative. They reported they did not observe any cause or reason to prompt us to take any action at this time. We found no criminal intent.”

Baylos notes that any further investigations will be followed up by children’s services.



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