Patrick Dempsey saves teen from car crash (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Patrick Dempsey has become the latest actor to show off his heroic side, pulling a teenage boy to safety after the boy totaled his car. Although the Grey’s Anatomy star has not commented on the incident, the boy, Weston Masset, and his mother have credited McDreamy with saving his life.

Last week, TMZ first reported on the incident. Masset had crashed his Mustang in Malibu, flipping it over several times before ultimately crashing into Dempsey’s front yard. The Enchanted star did not delay for a second, rushing to get a crowbar to pull Masset out of the car.

Masset and his mother, Mary Beth Masset, described the incident on ABC’s Good Morning America. “I was scared for my life, I was upside down,” Masset said, describing the scene. When he saw Dempsey pulling him out of the car, he asked the actor if he was famous. Masset said that his reply was “Yeah I'm a doctor.”

Masset only suffered a concussion and an eye injury, despite the horrific accident.

Mary Beth Masset was grateful to Dempsey for saving her son’s life. She said that he called her to tell her about the accident. “He had a certain authority in his voice...I asked if he was a paramedic and he said no, ‘this is Patrick Dempsey,’” she said. “I'm just super grateful. I can't wait to thank him personally.”

According to USA Today, The Shield creator Shawn Ryan also confirmed the incident and thanked Dempsey for saving the life of his friend’s son on Twitter.

People notes that Dempsey and his representative have not commented on the incident.

You can watch Masset on GMA below:



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