Ryan Seacrest announces that he will cover Olympics for NBC (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Ryan Seacrest appeared on the Today Show Wednesday morning, a day after he was supposed to. Seacrest announced that he will be a part of NBC coverage of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, which did not come as a shock. He did not go into details about other future opportunities with the network, although he did say that he will join NBC while still working for E! Network.

Seacrest, who has built a media empire as the producer of the Kardashian reality shows and the host of American Idol, among other gigs, will join NBC, but he is not going to be a replacement for anchor Matt Lauer any time soon. Lauer asked him what kind of talks he has had with NBC executives, but Seacrest joked “Oh, they didn’t tell you? … I see you doing this for as long as you want to so maybe the question is, how long will you be on the Today show?” Seacrest then joked that there were talks about him replacing Al Roker as weatherman.

Seacrest seriously addressed his new role with NBC, though, saying that “the plan is for me to join the NBC family and continue to have a role with the E! Network.” E! is a member of the NBCUniversal networks owned by Comcast and Seacrest works as an anchor and producer for the network.

According to USA Today, Lauer said that he thinks Seacrest would “be great” at his job and that they “are friendly. We have talked about this, joked about this. There is no tension here.”

In the interview, Seacrest noted that he hopes to continue doing his countless jobs in the entertainment business. "I like to be a good conduit to pop culture,” he said.

Seacrest, who was first scheduled to appear on Today Tuesday, will begin working on NBC during its Olympic coverage. That announcement was expected, especially after former Today anchor Meredith Vieira announced on Monday that she will work for NBC during the games as well.

The Olympics start on July 27.

You can watch Seacrest’s interview below:

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image from Seacrest’s interview



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