Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo talk about 'The Avengers' camaraderie (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

The Avengers stars Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo sat down for an interview recently and discussed the Joss Whedon-directed film and potentially doing spin-offs of their respective Marvel characters.

While Ruffalo gets to play Hulk in The Avengers, he said he would jump at the opportunity to get an entire film dedicated to the character, much like the studio’s franchises for Iron Man and Thor.

"I'd love to do it," said Ruffalo to The Hollywood Reporter. "I think it would be fun.”

But Ruffalo also said he’s “not ready” for a spin-off just yet.

Johansson, having recently admitted the physical strains of filmingAvengers as Black Widow, said "I'm going to need a few months to get into that suit for sure."

"But it's fun when we all do it together," she continued to say. "I think from now on, now that the bar is set with The Avengers, it would be strange if we didn't call on one another in some way."

Ruffalo chimed in "We've set precedent now. Now there are all of these new friends to help us now."

Johansson further reiterated the camaraderie they all experienced while filming. “Like Robert said, 'Why would I do any of this alone?'" she said, quoting Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking of Downey Jr., the actor told Esquire that he doesn’t want his newborn son to see him as a superhero, noting he wants him to see him as “very real human being.”

Watch Ruffalo and Johansson below:



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