'Shameless' Recap: 'Fiona Interrupted'

By Genovia R. Lindo,

“Fiona Interrupted” opens with Frank walking outside of the hospital aimlessly, calling for Monica. Frank tells a security guard that he stole his wife away from him. Apparently the psych ward of the hospital is guarding Monica for the next 72 hours so that she does not try to hurt herself.

Sheila and Jody bond with their little angel otherwise known as Karen’s baby. The two think about Chinese baby names to keep Karen’s baby connected with his roots. When Sheila and Jody hear police sirens, the two get nervous that the police will soon be after them for kidnapping.

The Gallaghers return home and it is pretty obvious that Fiona is still in shock. She is unable to part her eyes away from the dining table with the turkey still sitting there or the pool of blood still on the kitchen floor. Steve (Jimmy) decides to help her clean up the mess while Fiona is distraught. She has a momentary breakdown but soon recovers as she thinks of her poor sister and brothers that witnessed Monica’s suicide attempt. Jimmy makes a joke about how “F***ed up” her siblings are, and the two laugh a little.

Lip returns to Karen’s hospital room and watches her peacefully as she sleeps.

V asks Fiona if she is going to be okay after the day’s events and when Fiona nods, Kevin and V leave.

Jimmy and Fiona kiss and as Jimmy comforts her, Fiona gestures for Jimmy to follow her to her room. As the two begin to have sex, Debbie interrupts and begins to cry. Fiona and Jimmy stop fooling around and Fiona comforts Debbie as Carl and Ian enter the room for consoling.

Daylight breaks and Frank wakes up after sleeping on the ground all night.

In the hospital, Karen wakes up and tells Lip that someone stole the baby and she believes it was Sheila. Lip suggests that it might be a good idea for Sheila to raise the baby. Unfortunately, Karen wants nothing to do with her child and would rather give the baby away.

Back at the Gallagher’s, Fiona tells Jimmy that she wants to meet his parents. Jimmy tells Fiona that she is going to be disappointed but Fiona tells him it would not be the first time.

Frank visits Monica in the psych ward. Monica is saddened by her suicide stunt from the previous night. Frank believes Monica will be out of the hospital in 72 hours but Monica informs him that she has signed herself up for another 60 days in the hospital so she can get better.

V and Fiona talk about Monica’s crazy stunt, and Jimmy spending the night at Fiona’s. Fiona believes Jimmy cannot handle her lifestyle with the kids but V disagrees.

Frank wants to get Monica out of the psych ward but Fiona thinks it would be a better idea for her to stay in the hospital. Fiona believes this is the only way for Monica to get better but Frank says meds are bad for her because it makes her give up her family.

Fiona opens a letter that tells her that she passed her GED.

Jody comes up with a contraption for him to breast feed the newborn. He thinks this is the best way for him to bond with his child. When Lip and Karen show up unexpectantly, Sheila throws the baby in the dryer to hide. Karen wants Sheila to bring the baby back to the hospital but Sheila is unwilling. Karen cannot even stand to look at her child. Even Lip agrees with Sheila about keeping Karen’s baby, which makes her upset. She tells Lip to mind his business and kicks him out. When Sheila insists on keeping the baby, Karen leaves.

Fiona shows up at Mandy’s house looking for Lip. Fiona asks how Karen is doing but cuts the small talk quickly to tell him she passed her GED. Fiona wants Lip to come back home and continue school. Lip still does not like the agreement of him going back to school so he stays silent.

At he Alibi, Frank vents about his wife, Monica being taken away from him.

Jimmy asks Fiona if they are on for dinner with his parents later. In the kitchen, Debbie tells Fiona that Jimmy’s mom is nice, which surprises Fiona because she did not know he knows her. As jimmy invites Carl and Debbie to the family dinner, Carl agrees under the condition that he can order anything he wants, but Debbie decides she has other plans.

With a little help, Frank breaks into the psych ward along with Debbie.

Tony and another fellow officer, show up at Sheila’s house regarding the kidnapping of Karen’s baby. The officers hear the baby and ask if the baby is hiding in the laundry basket. Karen asks Sheila to give the baby back to the cops. Both Tony and his fellow officer are unwilling to take the baby and leave when they realize Sheila is willing to take care of the child.

Frank finally finds Monica but she is not alone in her room, she is fooling around with a woman.

At a restaurant, Fiona tries to learn more about Jimmy’s family but learns more about Jimmy instead. When Jimmy’s father joins the family at the table, Ian discovers that he is the older gentleman that he slept with the other night. In the bathroom, Ian asks Jimmy’s father if his family knows he is gay, but he claims he is not gay.

Frank tries to convince Monica to leave with Debbie and him but Monica seems resistant at first. She eventually gives in when Frank shows her how they plan on breaking out.

When the Gallaghers return home from dinner, Carl is satisfied with his leftovers and Ian tries to tell Fiona about Jimmy’s dad being gay. But when Jimmy approaches the kitchen, Ian changes his mind and goes to bed.

Jimmy tells Fiona that he loves her. Fiona asks if he is going to leave but Jimmy says he is not going to leave her. Jimmy takes Fiona’s hand and the two go upstairs.

Estefania shows up banging on the front door and when Jimmy opens the door, she tells him that Marco hit her. Now she wants her “husband” to help her.

Mandy finds Lip smoking outside. Mandy asks if he is upset about Karen and Lip tells her he is. Mandy does not understand how anyone especially Karen could care so little about their child.

On the way out of the hospital, Frank gets stopped by a security guard but gets himself out of the mess by telling the guard he left his ID badge in his car. Monica hops in the car and leaves without Frank and Debbie, claiming that the family would be better off without her.

Lip shows up at school just in time for a test.

Lip arrives at Karen’s house, while she is packing to leave. She tries one last time to convince Sheila to give up the baby, but Sheila chooses the baby. Karen storms out of the house. When Lip tells Karen she is going to regret her decision one day, Karen leaves anyway.

Ian once again tries to talk to Fiona about Jimmy’s father but Frank interrupts. Frank tries to steal Ian’s beer but Ian will not allow it. The two get into a fight that is only broken up when Estefania hits Frank over the head with a pot. She claims that Frank is just another version of Marco. Frank knocks out and Lip returns home to find Frank on the ground outside. Everyone is excited to see Lip and they give him a big hug.

Fiona and Jimmy share another night together and Fiona finally looks happy.

Lip is grateful to be home. As Lip attempts to go upstairs, Estefania claims to be cold, and the two cuddle together for the night. How’s that for a season finally?

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