‘War Witch,’ ‘Una Noche’ win top prizes at Tribeca Film Festival

By Daniel S Levine,

The Tribeca Film Festival in New York concludes this weekend. On Friday, the festival’s jury announced the winners of its top prizes.

In 2012, the jury had to select films from a list of 89 features and 60 shorts from 60 different countries. The big winner at the festival was War Witch, a Canadian documentary directed by Kim Nguyen. The film won Best Narrative Feature and centers on a 12-year-old girl who is abducted by rebels in sub-Saharan Africa. Reuters reports that the film’s star, Rachel Mwanza, also won Best Actress.

The Best Actor prize was shared by Cuban actors Dariel Arrechada and Javier Nuñez Florian, who starred in Lucy Mulloy’s Una Noche, which tells the story of two men who decide to flee to Florida in hopes for a better life. Florian was not present to pick up the award and his location is currently unknown. On Monday, ABC News reported that when Florian and co-star Anailin de la Rua de la Torre arrived in Miami on their way to Tribeca, they suddenly disappeared.

Arrechada told Fox News Latino that he wished his co-stars could have been there. “Though we all miss them, and I miss them very much, I am confident they will do what is best for them. My heart is with them and I hope they are safe and well,” he said.

Una Noche also won awards for Trevor Forrest and Shlomo Godder’s cinematography and Best New Narrative Director.

Other major winners include The World Before Her for Best Documentary Feature; Wavumba director Jeroen van Velzen for Best New Documentary Feature Director; Asad for Best Narrative Short and Paraíso for Best Documentary Short.

The winners for the Heineken Audience Awards will be announced Saturday.

image from War Witch : image.net



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