Actor banned after planning to strangle puppies onstage

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

An unidentified German actor has been banned from the stage after he revealed his plans to strangle puppies while acting.

He was set to perform a play he wrote called Death of Metamorphosis Friday in Berlin. There was a moment in the play when his character suffocates two puppies with cable ties after brief meditation. This act would be followed by funeral music and an ominous-sounding gong.

This moment was meant to oppose the slaughter of Alaskan sled dogs and Spanish hunting dogs, who are often killed once their ability to work has diminished.

The actor, however, was brought before a court Friday, where his plans were thwarted due to animal protection laws.

The actor argued that Germany’s constitution allows artistic freedom, but neither the court nor the public agreed. He also said that his act was inspired by Thai art forms.

The ban came the same week that Iman Rezai and Rouven Materne, students at Berlin’s University of the Arts, threatened to kill a sheep live on camera in regard to an online vote. The students say that the act was meant to stimulate debate on humanity and democracy. Within six days, votes disapproving the sheep’s killing exceeded those that approved of it by 70,000 votes.

"The anonymity of the internet lures the perversity out of some people," Materne said.



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