Ad campaign for pet birth control takes unique approach

By Kevin Lewis,

A recent ad campaign produced by the Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) takes a unique approach to illustrating the need to control the sexual activity of pets.

According to itsybitsysteps, the ad series is titled “Prevent more. Fix at Month Four,” alluding to the promotion of spaying and neutering of domestic animals.

The gist of the advertisements is to promote thinking of pet sexual behavior in the same way one would think of their own children’s. The ads deceptively show parents reacting to their kids’ interest in one another but then reveals that the kids were in fact the family pets.

According to ABC News Blogs, Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet and NCIS: LA actress Linda Hunt contributed their voices to the ad campaign.

The ads’ goal is to help decrease the number of unwanted pets that wind up at animal shelters. "We are hoping to maintain long-term traction by shifting the mindset of our country. It will become commonplace to fix your pet at four months, reducing the number of pets that enter, and ultimately never leave our shelters," said Amber Ayers, the BFAS’s senior marketing and creative manager.



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