After 25 years, Ween breaks up

By Louie Aronowitz,

Cult darlings Ween, after 25 years in the dim corner just outside the limelight, have decided to end their reign as supreme sub-culture weird-rock band; feel free to insert your own pun regarding the band “weaning” off of music, or some such wordplay.

According to MTV News, though the band has been discussing a follow-up to 2007’s La Cucaracha, lead singer Aaron Freeman has confirmed the demise of Ween. The pseudonym Gene Ween, Freeman’s title within the band, will be permanently retired.

Merely two days ago, the singer was reported by Rolling Stone as stating, “It’s time to move on… It's been a long time, 25 years. It was a good run.”

While the underground symbol of longevity’s influential run is over, the absence of Gene Ween does not mean the end of Aaron Freeman’s music prowess. Fans of the musician will be pleased to know he is still making music, having recently finished off a solo album, which can be listened to on Stereogum.

The band performing live and acoustic:



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