Amazon Studios to create original sitcoms and children’s series for Amazon Prime subscribers

By Daniel S Levine,

Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Yahoo have all jumped into the original content business, providing its users with exclusive shows. Amazon is now hopping on the bandwagon. The online giant’s Amazon Studios announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch original sitcoms and children’s series exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers.

According to Reuters, Amazon Studios has been around since 2010, accepting movie scripts that are posted online for customers to review. Based on the feedback, the studio picks projects that will go into development. Of the 7,000 scripts and 700 test movies, 15 are being developed.

This system will be used for television ideas as well, notes The Hollywood Reporter. The largest online retailer in the world began accepting ideas from creators for shows. Those with the best feedback will be created specifically for Amazon Prime users.

Joe Lewis, a former executive at Comedy Central and 20th Century Fox, and Tara Sorensen of National Geographic Kids will head Amazon Studios’ TV department.

"Amazon Studios wants to discover great talent and produce programming that audiences will love," Roy Price, the director of Amazon Studios, said in a statement.

TG Daily reports that creators will receive a $10,000 payment if their series is added to the development slate. The studio hopes to choose one series a month.

In order to get the wheels on your project moving, you have to give Amazon a 22-minute pilot script (11 minutes for a kids’ program) and a 6-page outline of the series. After 45 days, Amazon can pick up the series or, if it declines, the creator can leave it up to get more feedback. Once it is on the table for development, if it is produced, the creator gets a $55,000 payment. The creator will also get 5 percent of Amazon’s profits from toys, T-shirts, royalties and other bonuses.

You can submit ideas to AmazonStudios.com.



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