'America's Got Talent' advertiser Pizza Hut supports Howard Stern

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

One advertiser of America’s Got Talent who is turning a deaf ear to the protests of its new judge Howard Stern is Pizza Hut.

Stern has come under fire from the Parents Television Council due to the notorious antics on his radio show. The PTC has called for AGT advertisers to boycott the show unless Stern is removed. However, most of the advertisers have ignored the boycott demands.

The successful pizza chain countered by stating that its ads are meant to draw attention and appeal to a huge audience.

“Pizza Hut strives to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence in our communications to the public. Our advertisements are no exception, and are designed to draw attention to our products and appeal to a broad audience,” a spokesperson for the company said. “Unfortunately, we may not always success in generating a positive impact on every guest, and we apologize if our methods offend some.”

Reports have suggested that Stern will be less crude when he makes his debut on the show in the upcoming season.

“Somebody wrote that I wanted to do TV because I’d fallen out of the public consciousness,” he said. “That’s so ridiculous. I went to satellite to get away from people.”



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